My MacBook is dead! Should I keep the Apple ecosystem or move to Windows?

After a long and productive life, my 2010 MacBook has died. It went with me everywhere and did a good job, whether in the context of work or leisure. Despite its age and having never been top of the line even in its time, its Core 2 Duo processor was perfectly suited for all kinds of applications, even image editing tools, and I used it to process thousands of photos on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
A new laptop then. But… MacBook or Windows?!

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Night Photography in Salamanca (Olympus 25mm f/1.2 Pro)

Fifteen years after my honeymoon, I returned to Salamanca, Spain. This time equipped with my Olympus E-M5II and the 25mm f/1.2 Pro lens. In 2004 I had taken a small 3 megapixel compact from Nikon. If you wish to see the differences, take a look at my recently published article on the Olympus Passion website.

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Street Photography using an iPhone

It's very rare to leave home without a camera. Hence my preference for small messenger bags, in which we can find my wallet, mobile phone, powerbank, a bottle of water, a cereal bar, to name just a few of the several items I carry inside. But there are those times when I leave home without it, taking just the wallet and the mobile phone. And it's about those days that I am going to speak now.

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Talasnal - Mountains of Love

Talasnal is one of the existing schist villages of the Lousã mountain range, in Portugal. Located on a hill, the narrow, sloping streets form a labyrinth among the houses that are impeccably rebuilt.

Fuji X-E3 or Olympus E-M5 II?
Hard choice! I haven't yet decided to use just one system. While on the one hand the Olympus is an example of precision and attention to detail, technology-packed and weather-resistant, the Fuji is a please to use with its "analog" commands and produces extremely flexible and workable files, allowing you to recover enough information in both the shadows and the highlights.

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